devlol_antivirus rev. 53 (by pointhi)
snakeoil made by the trustworthy hackerspace which also developed:
* weather
* winkekatze

* detects malware by name and by code signature
* removes detected malware
* reverts changes from some known malware to get system back running

it removes viruses using signature detection. It also runs a system wide
check before startup, to detect some nasty malware right after installation.

it's recommended to also install "devlol_installer", which checks for
malware inside the installer

When you found malware which is not detected by this application, please contact
the /dev/lol village


If you are victim of the paradoxis ransomware and the antivirus please run the
following commands to unlock:

Connect to tty using usb and press Ctrl+C, then enter the following commands:

import badge, appglue
Category: utility
Status: working
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  • Hacker Hotel 2019
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